Welcome to the National Cord Blood Network


Thousands of U.S. patients with leukemia and other lethal diseases of the blood and bone marrow lack access to life-saving transplantation. This is a priority for patients with Non-European heritage, especially those of African and mixed ancestry. Such patients frequently do not have suitable related or unrelated adult volunteer donors available in the time required for transplantation. Frozen cord blood units stored in public cord blood banks can offer a solution to these challenges.

We created the National Cord Blood Network, a consortium of pediatric and adult Transplant Centers, to support broader utilization and promote excellence in the practice of life-saving cord blood transplantation in the U.S.

Our purpose

To optimize the practice of cord blood transplantation and increase access to this life-saving therapy for patients with acute leukemia, especially for underserved racial/ethnic populations and for patients requiring urgent therapy.