The mission of the National Cord Blood Network is to establish cord blood transplantation as a curative therapy for adult and pediatric patients with hematologic malignancies in U.S. Transplant Centers.

The objectives are to:

  • Increase cord blood transplantation activity by creating collaborations, optimizing practices, and supporting Transplant Centers that are new to cord blood.
  • Build momentum to enhance cord blood transplantation activities at Network and ultimately non-Network centers.
  • Use the Network infrastructure to spearhead advances in cord blood transplantation and cord blood-derived cellular therapies.
  • Utilize the readily available high quality cord blood inventory and thereby support public cord blood banks.

The Participating Centers are Transplant Centers with special interest in CB transplantation. At each adult or pediatric Transplant site Network activities will be led by a Principal Investigator, who will oversee a dedicated CB transplant team. The Network includes both junior and senior transplant physicians as Investigators.

The Network is an independent consortium of Transplant Centers that will collaborate with all relevant stakeholders in the field. The Network will also enlist senior physicians, laboratory specialists, health equity experts, pharmacists, and search coordinators.  Additionally, the Network will engage patient advocates who will promote the value of life-saving CB transplantation especially for underserved racial/ethnic patients. Further details are provided in the Network’s Charter.

Photo courtesy of Scott Avecilla MD, PhD